Payroll Professionals

Working together to help employers

We are fully committed to working in partnership with other Professional Advisers to provide a robust platform that ensures employers are better prepared to deal with their Pension Auto Enrolment duties.

We can help your clients fully understand their new duties and create an action plan

Employers Duties

Need help getting the Pension Scheme up and running? If you or your clients are able to cope with the ongoing duties and simply need to get things up and running we can help

Kickstart service

Need someone to completely take care of every aspect of Auto Enrolment? We can work with you to fully manage Auto Enrolment design, Implementation and On-Going duties

Full Management Service

Do you have clients that may be exempt from the Auto Enrolment duties? We can help confirm if they are and deal with all the compliance

Exemption Service


Working Together

Fulfilling the duties laid down by Pension Automatic Enrolment will prove a challenge not only to employers across the UK but also to the Professional Advisers that support them. It is perhaps more important than ever that Advisers from across the Corporate Advice community work together to assist clients with the common aim of making an employer’s Auto Enrolment duties less daunting.

That is one of the reasons behind our decision to set up a new and separate company with the sole aim of providing employers and the professional advisor community a solution to the challenges faced.

LP Auto Enrolment Solutions (LPAES) will work with the many professionals that provide advice and other services to UK employers, ranging from Payroll providers, Accountants, HR specialist, Legal Professionals and Financial Advisors. Our aim is to deliver Pension Automatic Enrolment services that compliment the services already provided by these professional advisers.

We will agree with you what services will be required so there is never any confusion over who is delivering what service to your client, and of course we will always refer back the services not provided or offered by LP Auto Enrolment Solutions.

LP Auto Enrolment Solutions believe that we can add value through our auto enrolment support and telephony service to any one of the professionals listed above. Whether it is delivering a bespoke standalone solution or simply to complement the services provided by the existing adviser, our approach is always to act in the best interests of all parties involved to design a flexible Auto Enrolment solution.


For further details please contact our dedicated team to see how we might be able to work with you to help your clients meet their Auto Enrolment duties.





Learn how we've helped others

  • TempsRus

    Recruitment company 470 Staff members

    Within the space of 48 hours LPAES assessed the staff profile and pension options for TempsRus. LPAES then recommended a pension provider and supplied an Auto Enrolment tool to segment and record all employee activity, weekly and monthly, for the employer.